How to improve your toothache

How to improve teeth pain

The following tips can be very useful to prevent or diminish toothache:

Perform a habitual and careful dental hygiene

Following a suitable dental hygiene after eating is the best measure to prevent microorganisms utilize carbohydrates (sugars) deposited on the teeth to develop.

Failure to use proper oral hygiene, they form what is known as dental plaque, a film that forms on teeth and the gum in contact with teeth. Dental plaque is formed by the saliva along with the remains of dead bacteria and complex carbohydrates that bacteria produce their own sugars from food. This supports more than 300 bacteria, creating an acid that attacks tooth enamel and dentin, which can cause tooth decay or periodontitis.

In order to perform this dental hygiene we must correctly use the materials and instruments of dental cleaning.

Mouthwashes with saltwater

The salt dissolved in water to room temperature can help to reduce the pain in sensible or inflamed mouths. (Dissolve a spoonful of salt in a glass of water. Rinse the mouth for a couple of minutes, stirring the liquid in the mouth and then expel it violently. Do not swallow.)

Mouthwashes with water

Sometimes toothache is due simply to the fact that some food has been caught between the teeth. That’s why flossing after brushing the teeth is so important.

Other times you can simply fill your mouth with plain water and move it hard inside your mouth for the release of the rest of food that may have get caught between your teeth.

Eat with the other part of the mouth

Sometimes tooth pain is caused by trauma. In this case, it is important to stop eating on the side of the mouth with the affected tooth.

Apply ice

When you do not have dental hypersensitivity, a piece of ice over the painful tooth to decrease the pain may be applied from time to time.

Avoid heat: In most cases, heat worsens toothache.

Do not close the mouth so strongly

In cases of bruxism, it is sometimes desirable not to bite or close the mouth to avoid pain and wait for the dentist to fix the problem of dental malocclusion.

Take some aspirin or natural remedy

Use aspirin or natural remedies to help ease the pain.

Make exercise

Exercise is a good release of endorphins. Endorphins help us feel better. It was found that a good walk, or practicing moderate exercise, in addition to distracting the person with a toothache, provides a higher well-being and reduces pain sensation.

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22 May, 2020

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