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Characteristics of toothache

Toothache is a very unpleasant manifestation of the teeth or teeth that occurs as a result of infection or inflammation.

Symptoms of toothache

The main symptoms of tootache are:

– Pain in the teeth

– Swelling of the mouth

Bad breath

– Bad taste in the mouth

– Etc.

Causes of toothache

Among the causes that produce toothache there are the following:

Cavities: The main cause of toothache. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria that attack the tooth enamel and eventually cause damage.

Knocking or breaking the teeth: This occurs as a result of a fall or knock. It can cause total or partial rupture of the teeth, a displacement or loosening them. It is something that happens frequently in young children.

Periodontitis: it is an inflammation of the ligaments and bone that hold teeth. It occurs as a result of advances in gingivitis. In common name is pyorrhea.

Dental hypersensitivity: The grief reaction that occurs in the teeth to contact with hot or cold substances.

Dental abscesses: These are collections of pus in the teeth, as a result of an infection in them.

Bruxism: This is an alteration of the mouth: too much pressure or grinding the teeth without realizing it. This excessive friction can wear down your teeth to the point of affecting the dental nerve, causing great pain.

Food between teeth or gums: In addition to producing caries, this sometimes exerts pressure against the teeth, which causes pain.

Problems of fillings: When the fillings fall, break, move or are poorly implemented, they can cause considerable pain.

Referred pain: Sometimes tooth pain is the result of a different problem than the teeth but which pain radiates toward them. This is what is known as “referred pain”, which is one type of pain which causes originate in a different body from where you feel it. Sometimes toothache is a symptom or pain:

Earache: The pain a tooth can respond to some affection of the ear.

Heart Attack: Sometimes backache, toothache or jaw ache are symptoms of a heart attack.

Sinusitis: Inflammation of the sinuses can produce a wide variety of pains, including sore throat, headache or toothache.

– Injuries in the mouth or jaw can radiate their pain towards the teeth.

Diagnostics and treatment of toothache:

To discover the existence of any of the above disorders is necessary to prevent toothache.

When teeth hurts a lot, or if the pain lasts more than a couple of days, call your doctor or dentist to diagnose the reasons for this pain. Likewise, one should seek medical help when the pain is accompanied by fever, vomiting, earache or severe pain when you open your mouth.

The dentist can quickly identify through inspection of the mouth in general, ears, throat, neck or nose. Besides, a questionnaire about general and dental health will be given. Sometimes x-rays are needed.

If the toothache has an origin elsewhere in the body, the patient may be referred to another specialist. Often the doctor needs to prescribe antibiotics to fight infection.

The natural treatment of toothache involves using a series of natural resources to prevent or minimize the causes that produce or reduce pain.

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punto rojo More information on toothache.

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19 March, 2019

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