Uric acid natural remedies

Uric acid natural treatment

Phytotherapy for uric acid

We can use multiple plants to reduce high levels of uric acid in blood. For example: birch, elm, garlic, onion, cherry, ash, potato, meadowsweet, goldenrod, vines, etc..

Other plants, such as oats, ground cherry, fenugreek, horsetail, juniper, strawberry, blackcurrant, lemon, linden, red vine, cassava, etc., will help us to increase diuresis, aiding the kidneys to excrete uric acid accumulation.

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Natural supplementation for uric acid

We must control both wheat germ and brewer’s yeast, because they are high in purines.

If we supplement minerals to help joints affected by uric acid, we can take magnesium (500mg/day) with an option to increase this dose depending on the severity of the affected joint. Consult the specialist!!

Guidelines for cooking

When boiling foods like meat and fish, we can diminish levels of purines by means of reducing the total content of this type of food. The cooking broth must be discarded. It should not be consumed because it contains all purines that have been removed. Some interesting advice:

– Cook without adding salt.

– Choose steam cooking.

– Use a microwave or an oven to retain more food flavour, and make eating more enjoyable.

– Add spices instead of salt to add more flavor.


If, besides having high uric acid, you also suffer from overweight or obesity, you should make a weight-loss diet to avoid further complications.

Always first normalize uric acid levels in the blood before undertaking a weight loss program. Since, because of the weight loss diet, we generated an increase of ketones, which have competition with uric acid in being eliminated via the kidneys.

If we allow such a competition to appear, one of the two substances may not be eliminated properly, so it will accumulate in our body and may end up generating a ketogenic crisis.

This crisis appears for a disproportionate increase in corporeal acidity because uric acid is acid and ketone bodies are so, too. This creates a decrease in pH that is called organic acidosis, which involves a ketogenic seizure.

Moreover, the accumulation of uric acid can also be linked to the increase of blood pressure (hypertension).

To avoid this, you should increase fluid intake and eat basifying food, rich in potassium and low in purines and sodium.

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28 March, 2019

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