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Nowadays, we know that this plant stimulates spermatogenesis (stimulates the production of sperm). The results were so extraordinary, that the properties of for fertility are related in the chronicles of the Spanish colonizers:


Lemon balm is one of the best remedies for nerve problems , both in situations of personal distress when this concern is reflected somewhere in the body, resulting in unpleasant reactions...


Lemon juice is widely use for people who want to make a cure in order to treat many body problems. Is it good to follow it?


It acts by stimulating wound healing and rejuvenation of tissues, favoring the manufacture of collagen (a protein that gives flexibility and firmness to the skin). Because of its richness in vitamin C, lychee should be present in all anti-aging diets:


One serving of cooked legumes weighs about 190 grams. At home, it implies a medium bowl.


Given its acidity many people ask themselves whether they can eat lemon having such stomach problems:


Normally, until we get used to eating legumes, flatulent reactions in our body generally take place. As we become used, the reactions are minor, especially if legumes are cooked and eaten in a proper way.


Currently, the diet is less and less abundant in lecithin, which exacerbates the growing problem of cholesterol. The foods that contain more lecithin are usually considered bad or it is though that they make you "fat", because they are rich in fat…


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), characteristic emotions of a diseased liver are: moody, anger, anger, rage, etc. If people get angry very easily, naturopathic doctors say it could be a liver involvement:


Legumes provide a series of nutrients that make them very recommended in the diet, especially in vegetarian diet:

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