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It is considered that lime balances the nervous system, because in their oils there are calming essences. The tea leaves are used for upset stomach and cramps of nervous origin, for anxiety and insomnia. In Malaysia, take the canned lima with vinegar to relieve headache:


Medicinal plant teas can be used to treat flatulence produced by legumes. The following herbal remedies are recommended for people whom pulses produce gas:


The medicinal properties of mushroom maitake have not only been valued in Oriental medicine. The official Western medicine and Western natural medicine increasingly use it as a healing resource.


In the market there are different types of lipoic acid with different degrees of absorption, but the most important thing is that many supplements have a much lower dose than that used in clinical studies, therefore, when a therapeutic effect is sought, it is necessary to Know how to choose a good supplement:


Medicinal plant preparations for malaria


Archaeological remains indicate that maize cultivation began almost 5000 years ago in America. This food was the basis of many ancient American cultures. Aztecs, Incas and Mayans that focused their nutrition on it. Characteristics, history, uses and varieties of corn:


Is maca poisonous as an edible plant? Can maca supplements be toxic? :


It inhabits open zones of the coastal forest of central eastern Australia (New South Wales and Queensland). Introduced in the tropics (Ceylon, Hawaii):


During the first months of its vegetative phase, the plant needs watering, so it must be planted in the rainy season. However, maca is a rainfed crop, and develops in the summer months when rainfall is lower:


Sunflower oil contains a lot of linoleic acid (omega 6). What are the main benefits of this type of fat?

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