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Climbing plants, in general, need a soil rich in organic matter, so we will dig a good hole approximately twice the size of the roots so that they have enough loose soil to spread easily. We will add garden soil or compost to the soil extracted from the hole:


Microbiota or intestinal flora is composed of a series of microorganisms that feed on the fiber we consume in the diet, mainly carbohydrates, such as fibers and starches. If we want to efficiently repopulate our gut flora or healthy microbiota, our diet must provide…


The medicinal properties of this tree come from its wealth in tannins, especially its acids. Tannins play a healing role in accelerating the wound healing and performing hemostasis (stopping the flow of bleeding).


Medicinal preparations to treat dry hair:


It is recommended to know the plant well before consuming it. The best time to study plants is in spring, since the type of flower is a good track to differentiate apparently similar plants.


Hop is used for diseases of the nerves. The medicinal use of hop is primarily focused on the use of its sedative properties to calm nerve problems:


The flowers of this plant have properties suitable for the treatment of respiratory diseases. Fundamentally, its richness in carvacrol, geraniol and chlorogenic acid provide its antiseptic properties


List of food containing a lot of histidine:


A diet based on vegetal natural foods will provide the suitable nutrients, will hydrate the organism and will provide those phytoestrogens which are deficient in women during this period.:


Among all the benefits honey can regulate the intestinal transit, helping to prevent the appearance of diarrhea and exerting, at the same time, a slightly sedative effect in cases of constipation. It also contributes to the prevention of intestinal bacterial diseases…

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