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Sometimes cinnamon can cause undesirable consequences. For example, aromatic components can cause various digestive symptoms when taken in large quantities, such as nausea, vomiting or diarrhea


Common rue should be planted in the sun or partial shade. Although it endures frost with temperatures of -15 ° C, it prefers more temperate or warm climates. It is a plant that needs to be protected from the wind and cold.


Comfrey is a very suitable medicinal plant. The leaves are used as a remedy for some skin diseases such as burns, scars, psoriasis, bruises, eczema and insect bites. However, there are some situations when using this plant can cause severe damage to your body.


Without doubt the most widespread form of eating cocoa is in the form of chocolate. Pure chocolate is the best. Discover why:


Nutricional information of celery benefits. For example, it helps us to remove toxins from our body, because it contains potassium...


Besides honey, propolis, pollen, wax, etc. are bee products with very effective properties for your health. For example, the queen of the colony feeds on another product other than honey, that the bees themselves make


Broccoli is normally consumed cooked, although it can also be eaten raw or lightly poached. In the latter case, it is usually used in salads, which can also be prepared with cooked broccoli. It normally appears in tortillas, cooked, mashed, au gratin, soups, etc..


Clinical research has been conducted in 75 patients with diabetes following a diet rich in buckwheat. The results of these observations showed a decrease in the level of blood sugar and better control of diabetes. Buckwheat is a pseudo-cereal with a lot of properties


Oatflakes are restorative, improve tiredness, fatigue and stress. They reduce cholesterol and hypertension and activates the digestive system acting against constipation, gastritis and hemorrhoids, among other properties.


Swollen eyes are those that present a larger size than usual, for any internal or external cause. Fortunately, most times this anomaly is not related to any problems of the eyes, but it reflects an imbalance in the body, and, once passed, they return to normal.

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