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One of the most common problems that causes poor digestion is the presence of ulcers in the stomach which usually manifest themselves in symptoms as gases and feeling of fullness after eating:


Vitamins, minerals and other plant supplements that, according with your doctor, can help to boost your immune syste:


There are some characteristics symptoms that may you think you can have


The effectiveness of the supplement is mainly that it avoids the cravings of eating and snacking between hours


Food lists for hyperactivity


It is important not to keep frozen vegetables in our home freezer for a long time since they can lose many nutrients if they are stored frozen for too long.


One must consider that fruit that has not been treated with pesticides can produce molds, some of which are very harmful to health, especially those affecting nuts.


The Romans knew the food properties of barley. They knew their nutritional value and its ability to provide energy on an ongoing basis. Do not forget that barley was a food base for gladiators who were called hordearii (Those who eat barley)


Instructions to beat an egg white and test if we have beaten it well:


Do plants feel pain? Can plants hear? How does sunflower perceive sunrays?

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