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Chemical structure of a protein

- Proteins characteristics: Proteins are the structural elements of our body. They are the stuff of which tissues are formed. They can be considered the "bricks" that make up the muscles, bones, ligaments, nails, hair and other parts of our body...

- Proteins functions: The most abundant structural protein in the body is collagen, which constitutes 30% of the total body protein.

- How much protein do your need every day?: There are different ways to calculate the proteins that a person should eat daily. The most precise formula is as follows...


Chickpeas with tofu

Chickpeas with tofu: This is recipe of an energetic dish rich in vegetable protein, which also gives us carbohydrates and fiber...

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Quinoa with broccoli and curry

- High quality proteins for vegetarians: All foods of animal origin contain proteins of high biological value. In contrast, in the plant world, it is difficult to find sufficient sources of protein in one food, so the wide range on a vegetarian diet must provide protein quality....


- How to combine vegetable proteins? Plant foods should be combined to achieve high biological value proteins...

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Tablets of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA)

Supplements of branched-chain amino acids: Taking these amino acids, increases the performance of muscles, facilitate recovery after physical activity, increases muscle mass and repairs the damage that physical activity causes on them.


Do you know wich flower is it?

Flower contest: It is a plant with violet flowers that lives in the Mexican desert of Sierra Madre. Gray hairy leaves. It grows between 2000 and 2800 meters.

flower of october contest

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