Branched-chain amino acids properties

Uses of suplements BCAA

What are branched chain amino acids (BCAA)?

Supplements BCAA are composed of three amino acids, these amino acids are isoleucine, leucine and valine.

We can adquire them through protein animal foods or/and plant foods such as grains and nuts.

They are well suited for protein synthesis. Act as energy reserve if necessary, while decreasing muscle fatigue and stimulating the formation of insulin, which is needed for the amino acids and glucose to get into cells.

Why they are known as BCAA?

They are Known as BCAA, acronym in English that corresponds to “Branched Chain Amino Acids”

Why are branched-chain amino acids supplents (BCAA) used for?

What supplements BCAA are used?

In sports: Often used as a protein source in resistance exercises where much lower levels of muscle glycogen occur.

During the long-term physical exercises (cycling, background, marathon, etc.) and short high-intensity exercise (weightlifting, bodybuilding, etc.) the body usually makes use of stored glycogen in muscle. This results in overspending of this component which is manifested as muscle fatigue and lack of performance.

The aim with the BCAA is that the organism present higher levels of isoleucine, valine and leucine in the blood so that the athlete does not feel so tired and can perform better in the practice of their sport.

BCAA are fast and easy to absorb. They prevent muscle catabolización (The use of muscle for energy) and promote muscle recovery both during and post-workout. So, taking these amino acids, increases the performance of athletes, facilitate recovery after physical activity, increases muscle mass and repairs the damage that physical activity causes on muscles.

Bodily diseases: In addition to a sports use, they also have been used in various pathologies such as:

– Prevention and treatment of cirrhosis.

– Broken bones


– Sprains, strains, sprains or other musculoskeletal injuries.


– Patients undergoing surgery


– Etc.

Food Uses: The food industry uses in feeding cattle to increase muscle content of cattle.

Tablets of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA)Tablets of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA)

Contraindications of supplements BCAA

Do not take more than 12 g per day to prevent the body from accumulating too much ammonia.

The use of this supplement forces us to ingest a large amount of water.

Dosage of supplements BCAA

The dose is between 3 and 12 g per day. Neither exceed the maximum dose to avoid toxicity nor diminish the minimum dose to be effective.

Where you can get the BCAA?

They can be bought in pharmacies, department stores in the produce section for athletes, health food stores, etc.

Is it appropriate to use supplements BCAA?

It is not advisable to feed daily with substitutes. The consumption of these products should be sporadically, That is to say, in the specific case where they can not be acquired through food.

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