The World of the Plants

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It prefers compacted, loose, sandy soils, but they must contain a good proportion of organic material. Calcareous soils or limestone-silicon are the favorites. Do not plant in clay soils or those that retain too much water.


Some plants have been considered useful to boost fertility, such as chasteberry or ginseng:


Some plant remedies can reduce feet pain due to bad circulation. For example, massages made with witch hazel water can help decrease leg and feet pain and prevent the occurrence of diseases caused by poor venous return or poor circulation.


At a nutritional level, falafel is a food rich in proteins, derived from legumes, and fats, from frying.


Apart from a proper diet, there are some plants that have proved to be effective in fatty liver treatment. For example, Turmeric is a powerful liver protectant, used as a folk remedy for centuries in many parts of Asia.


The existence of poor circulation may produce fatigue in the feet. After exercise, blood accumulates in the feet, because of the inability of tired muscles in this part of the body to pump blood back up, so our feet become swelled and red. We offer you some natural remedies to treat this problem:


This supplement has proven properties to reduce blood sugar. The hypoglycemic activity was observed in numerous clinical studies both in animals and in people with diabetes mellitus type I and II:


It is recommended that, from all the total calories ingested in a day, only 30-35% come from fats. The rest of the calories should come from the intake of carbohydrates and proteins.


We offer you some natural safe remedies, that can serve as alternatives to treatment with hydroquinone or alpha hydroxy acid (AHA).


They are lowcarb. They have moderate fiber content. They help to remove toxins from our body, because they contain potassium.