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Legumes provide a series of nutrients that make them very recommended in the diet, especially in vegetarian diet:


Some plants have antiinflammatory and soothing properties that can help reduce intestinal inflammation and reduce swelling. At the same time, their vulnerary properties can help prevent deterioration of the intestinal wall:


The period of planting and harvesting the leeks usually lasts between 5 and 6 months. Depending on the moment in which we want to collect them, sowing and planting should be done:


healthy diet must have food from the following 5 food groups:


Currently the main interest of the mistletoe as a medicinal plant is its role as a coadjuvant in the treatment of cancer, helping to prevent its development in some cases. Its pharmacological action is based on the cancerostatic, immunostimulant and cytotoxic effect exerted by the viscotoxins and lecithins of the plant.


There are some plants that people use or buy during Christmas. Among them, for example, poinsettia, holly or mistletoe


For their diuretic properties, the leaves are used to eliminate spare liquid of the organism in illnesses like rheumatism, gout or dropsy


Its flowers appear at the end of November and they prolong their bloom until half April, although they have their maximum bloom in Christmas, reason why the plant is known as Christmas Star or Christmas flower.


Pain caused by retention responds to being just too many hours sitting or standing without moving your legs. Whatever the cause that produces this condition, the following remedies can help you to feel better:

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