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If you respect the ratio of 1 cup rice 2 of water, it should not be necessary to strain it because this is the right water to be cooked:


How to choose, store and cook the best mangos in the market:


This type of soap is sold in drugstores or supermarkets and form the basis of most home made soaps. So you can buy it directly or, more interestingly, do it personally.


Hemp seeds are usually a food supplement that is used, for example, as an antioxidant since they have a high content of vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that protects against free radicals:


Hot flashes are very disturbing episodes in the life of a woman, especially at night, when hot flashes and night sweats make sleep almost impossible. For an affected woman to learn how to remedy hot flashes is very important if she wants to continue a normal life:


Horse chestnut is one of the best remedies for toning up the arteries and capillaries. This property is attributed to its richness in aescin and aesculin, two components that have the ability to prevent edemas formation and to increase the resistance of blood vessels:


Iron in plant foods is less well absorbed than that found in foods of animal origin, so we must monitor and ensure its intake in order to avoid shortages or related diseases as anemia.:


Besides food, proper use of herbal remedies that increase immunity helps us to strengthen our defenses and not to succumb so easily to many diseases (bacterial diseases, such as cold, pharyngitis, bronchitis, etc.. and other diseases):


Traditionally, this plant has been used for its antibiotic, and digestive properties and to treat respiratory symptoms related to excess mucus, such as loaded chest and coughing:


The first barrier of defense system is a series of elements whose mission is to prevent the entry into the body of foreign elements. They are mechanical barriers that constitute the first line of defense. So, the body is protected with an outer shell, the skin, to prevent foreign elements from entry:

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