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It is a disease usually transmitted through sexual contact (sexually transmitted disease) but also the pregnant women can transmit to their sons or daughters, under certain conditions, at the time of delivery.


Garcinia cambogia is mainly used to help lose weight through decreased appetite. It is an anorectic that acts on the metabolism, so it has no effects on the nervous system and produces no side effects.


For liver cleansing, nutritious vegetables should be chosen, among which artichokes, cardoons, garlic, onions, and the whole group of cruciferous vegetables, which are considered very potent detoxifying antioxidants. Among them, the following ones: Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, turnip, cauliflower, etc.


Talking with kids about their problems, trying to understand why they feel bad or seeing if there is anything that worries them may help improve their personal situation and solve or improve the condition.


Pollination of fruit trees is mostly entomophilous, that's to say, it is doned by animals, especially insects, and among these mostly by bees. A few fruit trees are wind pollinated, what it is called as anemophilus pollination…


There are many causes that can lead to female infertility. Sometimes the problems stem from a lack of egg maturation or lack of ovulation. Other times there are barriers or obstacles that prevent sperm reaching the egg.


Throughout life, the human body loses resistance to external attacks, such as infectious diseases, food spoilage, poisoning, etc... Goji berries contain zinc, an effective mineral for the body's defense system because it can help increase leukocyte function or white blood cells, immune cells responsible for defending the body.


Although the use of glycerin in traditional products is declining, glycerin is a valuable product that is still extracted in the process of making soap. Glycerin can be used for the manufacture of many products, including food preparations…