The World of the Plants

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We offer you some natural safe remedies, that can serve as alternatives to treatment with hydroquinone or alpha hydroxy acid (AHA).


They are lowcarb. They have moderate fiber content. They help to remove toxins from our body, because they contain potassium.


Using some medicinal plant remedies can help children with enuresis problems


Expectorants are substances that help to expel secretions from the bronchi produced by diseases of the respiratory system such as bronchitis or asthma. Main expectorant plants and how to use them:


Good fats for health are those whose consumption helps prevent diseases and help the body to function properly. Foods rich in this type of fats should be found in more abundance in food.


Eucalyptus has been considered as one of the best plants for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system. Ingested eucalyptus products are excreted through the respiratory tract which, when dissolved in them, exert their medicinal properties.


The planting is done in early spring when winter frosts end. Approximately in late February or early March, grooves are dug in the garden, at a depth of about 8 cm. and leaving a space of about 75 cm. between rows


The aromatic components of mustard and turmeric stimulate gastric secretions, so this sauce is an excellent appetizer


Some plants, like willow, have anticoagulant properties which prevent the formation of emboli or clots within the arteries or veins and the accumulation of platelets.


Some food, such as soy, because of its content in isoflavones, soy is specially recommended to treat uterus inflammation: