(Erythroxylon coca)

Erythroxylon coca

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Scientific noun: Erythroxylon coca

Family: Eritroxilaceae

Habitat: Native from Andes (Peru and Bolivia), but it is cultivated in many places of South America (Chile, Argentina, Colombia), Africa (Cameroon) and Asia (India, Indonesia, etc.)

Alkaloids: cocaine, benzoilecgonine, tropacocaine, truxiline, cinamilcocine, etc.

Active parts

The leaves (1%)

Properties of Erythroxylon coca

- As a medicinal, its derivatives are used as anaesthetic, as a stimulant to avoid sensations of hunger, thirst and tiredness.

- Extramedicinal in the consumption of the drugs derived from this plant:
cocaine, crack, etc.


Minimal by means of leaf ingestion, because the leaf contains very little concentrations of alkaloid. It becomes poisonous when taken by means of its derivative,the cocaine.

Consequences of chewing the leaves of coca

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