List of contest winners october of 2005

Winners october of 2005

Flower contest october of 2005

Contest flower of october of 2005

Weekly winners

Betsave García Bravo

Barry Landry

Silvia Mahl de Sosa

Carlos Collados Navales

Cristina Toledano Penades

Nerea Lafraya Sanchez

Marisa Alejandre Salat

Sylvia Alonso Fernandez

Judit Cañas Sanz

Cati llado Aloy

Anna Barcelo Sancho

Patricia de la Orden López

José Manuel Ruiz Páez

Carmen Millán Roca

Susana Solar Vera

Josep Fontanet Masó

Gretel Momberg

Nidia Beatri Dellien

Gloria Fernández

Mario Figueroa

Selected winner of october of 2005

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