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Common English name: Acanthus, oyster plant, bear’s breach, brank usine, smooth acanthus, bearfoot

Common name in other languages:

Ilustración de la planta

Spanish: Acanto, hierba gigante, oreja gigante, hierba carderona, ala de ángel, carerona, nazarenos, pie de oso

– Galician: Acanto-mando, herba cepeira, capeira, erva-gigante, herba de bruxa, pé de urso, branca ursina.

– Portuguese: Acanto, acanto-manso, branca-ursina, erva-gigante, gigante, pé-de-urso

– Catalan: Cant, carnera, herba carnera, geganta, herba geranta, cànem de bruixa, ala d’àngel

– Euskara: Malorri, molo horrika

– French: Acanthe molle, acanthe à feuilles molles, acanthe à feuilles larges

– Italian: Acanto, brencorsina, biancarussina

– German: Wahrer Bärenkla

– Nederlands: Akantus, akant

– Polish: Akant miękki

  • Scientific name: Acanthus mollis L.

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14 April, 2021

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