Contraindications of greater celandine

(Chelidonium majus)


Precautions before taking greater celandine

  • Do not eat the fresh plant as food. Celandine is NOT an edible plant.
  • Respect patterned doses.
  • Do not use the roots of the plant, as they have a higher content of toxic alkaloids than the aerial parts of the plant.

Contraindications of greater celandine

  • Greater celandine remedies should not be applied on vesicles, blisters, sores or skin burns.
  • Pregnant women. Celandine has abortifacient properties. (* More information: Plants and pregnancy.)
  • Children under 12 years. Remedies with celandine in people under 12 can trigger allergic reactions.


    Greater celandine leaves

  • Digestive disorders: celandine can aggravate gastrointestinal symptoms, such as heartburn, abdominal cramps or diarrhea.
  • Jaundice: celandine not recommended to treat liver affectations. Its use can cause acute hepatitis.
  • Stones in the gallbladder: Although not recommended, celandine remedies can be prepared as an analgesic for biliary colic, gallbladder stones or abdominal pain. However, its use could cause airway obstruction due to liver choleretic components.
  • People taking medication for the liver. Celandine interacts with medication for the liver, so it may also have toxic effects on the liver.

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