How to cook acorns

Preparation of recipes with sweet acorns

Not all acorns are edible, but it depends on the tree they come from. Within the same species, there are trees that produce sweet acorns and others that make them bitter. Edible acorns are sweet acorns.

This dried fruit, currently forgotten or banished from the kitchen, can bring a new flavor to the kitchen, unconventional, reminiscent of chestnuts, with a delicious crunchy texture.

Where to find sweet acorns?

Roasted acorns
Recipe of acorns roasting in the pan, with a little salt, under the orders of chef Yelel Cañas

The acorns of the holm oak trees (Quercus ilex L. subsp. rotundifolia) are  considered to produce the best sweet acorns. It is possible to verify how in the villages, those who consume acorns, have located the trees that produce sweet acorns.

Can sweet acorns be eaten raw?

Although sweet acorns can be eaten raw it is better not  to eat many, as they can be indigestible.

Sweet acorns are very healthy but have a certain amount of tannins that can make them indigestible. Tannins are indigestible substances that can cause belly pain if they are consumed in excess , producing gastric irritation and vomiting)

In general, tannins from acorns have to be removed before being consumed. (* More information on “How to remove tannins from acorns”)

How to eat acorns?

Once their tannins removed, acorns are best consumed cooked, so that they are more digestive.

Recipes with acorns

Some ways of eating them are, for example:

  • Toasted with salt
  • Roasted in the oven
  • In stews, etc.
  • A very popular way to use the acorn is in the form of acorn flour, which is added to breads, cookies, etc.
  • Korean cuisine makes an acorn jelly, called dotorimuk or tot’orimuk.
  • Once roasted, as a substitute for coffee.

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16 September, 2019

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