How to calculate the suitable weight

What is the suitable weight in adults?

The World Health Organization (WHO) proposed the body mass index as a way to get the ideal weight of a person.

This index would be as follows:

Body weight (kg)
BMI (Body mass index) =—————–
Square of height (m)

According to this measurement, we would have the following results:

  • Less than 30 = Obese.
  • Between 25 and 30 = Over ideal weight.
  • Between 20 and 24 = Peso ideal Ideal weight

For example, for a person about 1 ’75 m tall, weighting 83 kg, we should do the following calculations:

—————– =27,10 BMI (Body mass index)
1,75 x 1,75

The person has a BMI of 27, 10, so his/ her weight is above the ideal weight.

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5 January, 2021

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