Yarrow or milfoil flower cultivation

How to grow yarrow (Achillea millefolium) 



Winter- autumn. Perennial plant of the Daisy family – Compositae – up to 60 cm. Erect stems, hairy, grooved. Upper leaves till 15 cm, twice or three times pinnate, lanceolate, sessile. Lower ones till 25 cm, petiolated. Flowers about 6 mm in heads, gathered in corymbes. By the side of the roads, meadows and grasslands..


Water every two days during bloom, moderately without flooding the land.

gardening pot

For flowerbeds and stony places. As a medicinal plant and a dry flower.


Sun or demishade.


By means of division of the rhizomes in March, or cutting in April or May. It is convenient to pinch the exceeding branches to favour a harmonic growth. It also convenient to cut the floral stems, when the flowers have dried of.


Porous land, well drained, a mixture of garden soil and sand.


Medicinal plant. See medicinal properties.

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28 February, 2021

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