Yellow horned poppy cultivation (Glaucium flavum)

How to grow yellow horned poppy (Glaucium flavum)



Biennial plant of the Poppy family – Papaveraceae – up to 80 cm. Its name comes from the Greek Glaukos, meaning ashy due to the white ash-like colour of the plant. Stems with yellow latex. Thick leaves; lower ones with long petiole; upper ones unstalked, embracing the stems. Yellow flowers, till 9 cm wide with four petals. The fruit is a capsule, long, curved. In salty, sandy places with much organic debris; river beds, dry paths, dunes, rocky places, etc. It blooms from spring till late summer.


Do not soak the soil. Water every two or three days in summer. In a regular way the rest of the year.

gardening pot

As an outdoor plant in fringes, slopes, etc.


In full sun


Reproduce from seeds in spring.


Any soil with a good drainage and rich in humus.

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5 August, 2020

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