Cultivation of Jerusalem thorn ( horse bean, Mexican palo verde)

How to grow horse bean

Characteristics of Parkinsonia aculeata



June – August. Yellow fowers with 5 petals, in axillary clusters with several points of red color in the superior petal. Fruit in pod till 15 cm, with brownish seeds. It reaches up to 8 m.


Regular, more abundant in summer. The soil should remain dry in winter. It tolerates drought.

gardening pot

As a tree in squares and gardens, for its peculiar figure of hanging parasol and its extravagant pinnate leaves, that loose the leaflets, staying only the rachis. Also for its spectacular spring yellow bloom and its fragrance. It is very appropriate in dry climates and in poor lands because it adapts to all type of conditions. For all this, it is also used as a hedge plant.


Sun. Very resistant to freezing and the extreme high temperatures.


By means of scarified seeds in spring.


Fertile soil, well drained.

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22 January, 2020

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