Grass of parnassus care

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How to grow grass of parnassus

Characteristics of Parnassia palustris



June – September. White lonely flower with green venation, 1,5 to 3 cm.


Water it very abundantly. The soil would have to be permanently humid to achieve the conditions in which the plant grows in its natural habitat, the humid and marshy areas.

gardening pot

For humid corners, borders of ponds.


Sun or demishade in fresh places.


By means of seeds in autumn or from division. It is very difficult to cultivate and in many cases it doesn’t prosper.


Peaty soils.

Another species of “Parnassia

  • Parnassia cabulica——————-………………
  • Parnassia grandiflora——————— …………….

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21 January, 2020

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