Pumpkin cultivation

How to grow Cuccurbita pepo


dibujo flor


Creeping annual herb up to 10 m. length. Stems hairy, grooved, hollow inside. Leaves cordate, lobed, flowers unisexual, up to 10 cm. with the cup attached to the corolla, the male with the stamens in a column. Fruits varied, in different shapes and colors according to the different varieties that can reach over 30 kg. The immature fruits are called courgettes. Flowers appear in summer. To facilitate pollination a honeycomb may be included in the field. It can also be artificially pollinated with a brush, from the male flowers to the female


Maintain a regular watering, whenever it is possible

It is cultivated for its fruits (pumpkin or courgettes) that are collected in summer or autumn


It requires full sun. It prefers warmer climates and the temperatures should not be below 10ºC


It will be planted in early spring by seeds in the nursery to be transplanted about 6 weeks later if the weather is cold. If the weather is warm, it can be planted directly in soil.


It needs a soil rich in humus and manure


Medicinal plant. More information

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9 January, 2024

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