Stone pine cultivation

How to grow stone pines

flower How is stone pine like?

Evergreen tree of the Pinaceae family up to 25, although rarely exceeds 20.

Erect trunk, robust, with a large part of it devoid of branches, reddish brown bark, fissured and deeply divided into blocks that break off offering an orange-red bark. It differs from most pines because of its crown appearance. With a wide and flat shape that resembles the shape of a parasol hence, in French, it is known as “Pin Parasol” or “Parasol pine”

Needle-shaped leaves. Adult ones gathered in pairs, up to 20 cm long, dull green, bent and somewhat sharp. Young leaves are single, only reach about 4 cm in length and have a more bluish color.

Female cones up to 15 cm long, globose, yellowish-green in youth and bright reddish-brown at maturity that they reach after 3 years.

Edible seeds (pine nuts) about 2 cm long, with wings less than 1 mm, since they are dispersed by animals or by man and not by wind. It blooms from March to May.

Stone pine aspect of tree

Photo of stone pine

watering Stone pine watering

It requires moderate watering and well-drained soil to avoid suffering diseases. It endures drought very well.

use Stone pine use

For parks and large gardens as an ornamental tree and for shade. In large plantations for the production of edible seeds.

climate Stone pine weather requirements

It requires a sunny exposure. It does not support the shade. It withstands high temperatures well and it is very resistant to cold.

reproduction Stone pine reproduction

It should be reproduced from seeds. To promote germination, seeds can be layered for six weeks at 4 ° C. It is best to plant seedlings in cold late winter.

They should be kept a couple of years inside and then planted them directly in place. (Pines are not very well tolerated to transplant)

They can also be planted by cuttings, although, with this method, it grows more slowly. If this method is chosen, it is needed to take cuttings from trees that are less than ten years old.

soil Stone pine type of soil

It requires a light soil, well drained, sandy or clay-sandy. It does not support the shadow, nor waterlogged or peaty soils.

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22 February, 2022

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