Tipu tree cultivation

How to grow pride of bolivia

Characteristics of Tipuana tipu



June – August. Yellow flowers, till 2 cm, in long terminal racemes. Dark green leaves, with until 19 unpaired leaflets, Fruit in samara. Perennial tree -warm and humid climates- or deciduous in colder places, although, in cooler climates, the leaves stay during a lot of time in the tree, It can attain 20 m.


It supports dryness very well, although it prefers humidity.

gardening pot

For squares or gardens with a lot of space, because it is a tree with powerful roots that grows horizontally more than vertically. It offers good shade and it is very ornamental for its parasol resemblance and for its spectacular floration.


Sun, preferring the warm or hot climates (tree of subtropical origin)


Seeds in spring. It is necessary to prune it in winter to shape it and to avoid branches hanging too much.


Preferably deep floor, well drained.

Another species of “Tipuana

Not more species in this genus.

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22 January, 2020

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