Pinus pinea (Stone pine, umbrella pine)

Stone pine, umbrella pine


Pinus pinea

Photo of Pinus pinea

Pinus pinea (Stone pine, umbrella pine)

Evergreen tree of the Pine family Pinaceae up to 25, although it rarely attains 20. Stems erect, robust, with much part of it devoid of branches, reddish brown bark, fissured and highly divided into blocks, offering a reddish-orange cork underneath.

It differs from most of the pines for his crown, so wide and flat which resembles the form of an umbrella reason why, in French, it is known as “Pin parasol.”

Needle-shaped leaves. The adults gathered in groups of two, till 20 cm long, green mate, bent and somewhat sharp. The young leaves are isolated, can only reach about 4 cm in length and have a more bluish color.

Female cones till 15 cm, globoid, yellowish-green in the young and bright reddish-brown at maturity after they reach 3 years.

Edible seeds (pine nuts) of about 2 cm long, with wings less than 1mm wide, since they are dispersed by animals or by Man and not by wind. It blooms from March to May. (See properties)

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More information about stone pine and pine nuts.

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