An ideal fruit for doing sports

Dates for sports diet


What kind of food does an athlete need?

An athlete needs to eat a healthy diet with more protein and antioxidants, so the right foods must be chosen, either during competition or when training.

What type of food is suitable during training?

Before and during exercise it is very important to have the energy of sugars because this type of energy is quick to assimilate.

After exercise, proteins and electrolytes should be added.

Photo of dates

Photo of dates.

What food could be very interesting?

Dates, for example, are an ideal food for sport. Dates are a very energetic food, so they can help a lot in sports practice.

Unlike sweetened products, dates can provide energy to the athlete for a long time because their high fiber content prolongs the feeling of satiety and improves the assimilation of the carbohydrates they contain.

They are also one of the plant foods rich in glutamine, an amino acid necessary for the formation of the glutathione antioxidant. Combined with its energy properties, it is a perfect food for athletes.

Dates are ideal for replenishing forces after a long walk or a hard effort.

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9 May, 2022

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