Docosahexaenoic acid supplements (DHA)

DHA Supplements

Due to the multiple benefits of eating foods rich in omega 3 DHA, there are many supplements that incorporate DHA in its composition.

It is not highly recommended to consume DHA supplements, because what is really interesting is to take the foods that contain it, which provide more and better quality of these fatty acids.

foods and supplementos of DHA

Leaf with the content in omega 3 DHA of the salmon, the sardines and the supplements. Food is the best source of DHA

How to buy an omega 3 DHA supplements?

If we decide to buy an omega 3 supplement, we should look for the label to put “heavy metals free”, since many are extracted from large fish and concentrate the mercury they contain.

There are studies that, when analyzing the different supplements of omega 3 of the market, observed that some of them were rancid, that is to say, the fats had lost their healthy properties. As a precaution, it is recommended to check the expiration date and buy those supplements with the most expiring date (Fats will oxidize over time).

The recommended amount of DHA is about 400mg per bead, approximately (or higher).

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Balance between omega 6 and omega 3

Fatty acids of the omega 6 family and those of the omega 3 family must remain in balance so that they act beneficially in our organism. The balance between them in the diet should hold a ratio of 3: 1 respectively. If the proportion of omega 6 is higher, will occur the effects cited, contrary to those of omega 3, due to the excess of arachidonic acid that would form.

Since they are polyunsaturated fatty acids and because of their composition, they are more susceptible than other types of fatty acids to become rancid because of oxidation. It is considered advisable to make a contribution of about 200 mg of vitamin E, which thanks to its antioxidant effect, prevents the occurrence of such oxidation reactions prematurely.

It is considered that a correct consumption of fatty acids of the omega 6 family is a good method of prevention against the appearance of pathologies very common in our society, such as obesity, atherosclerosis, which can trigger other cardiovascular diseases like acute myocardial infarction or a thrombosis.

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Differences between vegetable omega 3 and fish oils

EPA and DHA have a high effectiveness because they do not require metabolic processes to be synthesized, unlike what happens with the intake of linolenic acid.

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15 September, 2022

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