What is melon good for?

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Melon nutritional benefits


What is a melon?

Melons are the fruits of the melon plant (Cucumis melo).

They have an oval shape with a thick and rough skin.

The skin color indicates the state of ripeness of a melon. This varies from dark green to light green or yellow, as the fruit matures.

Below the skin, melons contain an edible pulp, yellow, cream or white, with a smooth texture.

In the center of the fruit, melons have an oval space with many sticky seeds.

What nutrients do melons provide?

A slice of melon

A slice of melon

As an energy source, 100 grams of melon will provide 35 kcal.

Their proportion of nutrients is divided into:

– More than 89% is water

– A 0.88% fat

– Close to 0.3% protein

– More than 8% carbohydrate

– A 0.8% fiber

Vitamins and minerals in melon. Melon composition


Main composition of melon

Melon Benefits

  • It has a high water content that prevents us to become dehydrated.

  • It gives us energy during the day.

  • It is a poor source of fat and protein.

  • Has a moderate carbohydrate content, specifically sugars.

  • It has a very low fiber content.


    Melon. “toad skin” variety

  • It helps to remove toxins from our body, because it contains potassium.

  • Calcium, together with phosphorus, maintains the balance of the formation of strong bones.

  • It helps to maintain a proper brain function, because it contains phosphorus and B vitamins

  • Because of its vitamin B9 content, it helps us to grow properly.

  • Magnesium helps to relax the muscles.

  • It protects our skin and helps us to keep it healthy, because it contains vitamin A.

  • It protects us from colds and helps heal wounds, since it possess a lot of vitamin C.

  • It protects us from toxic and aging, because it contains vitamin A, C and E and minerals selenium and zinc.

Melon recipes

Melon with ginger

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