Characteristics of phosphorus

Characteristics of phosphorus

What is phosphorus?

The human body contains about three quarters of a kilo of phosphorus, which represents approximately 1% of the total weight of our body. Over 80% of it is found in bones and teeth.

Phosphorus interacts with calcium to form bones and teeth, although this is not the only function of this mineral is most abundant in our body after calcium and one of the essential elements of cells.

Sources of phosphorus

Where is phosphorus found?

– Animal sources of phosphorus: Phosphorus is found in virtually all foods of animal origin such as meat (beef and chicken or beef liver is very rich), fish and milk products (milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.).

– Vegetal phosphorus sources: Within vegetables those that contain more phosphorus are the whole cereals (Wheat, rice, barley, oats, etc.) and especially some derivatives like the wheat germ. Also the fruits and dried fruits contain a good amount of phosphorus.

Phosphorus supplements

Because there are many foods that contain phosphorus in nature and the fact that many foods contain additives, additives that increase the intake of this mineral, there are no usuallydeficiencies of this mineral obliging supplements.

Only in very special cases one should call the doctor for prescribing the required dose of phosphorus. In no case this mineral should be self-prescribed without medical supervision.

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20 October, 2021

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