Benefits of aromatic plants

What do aromatic plants give us?

In addition to using them in the kitchen and as medicinal plants, aromatic plants and spices can play an important role in our garden or orchard as

Very decorative rosemary in a garden

providers of beauty or very penetrating aromas.

Let us think, for example, of the pale blue color of borage, contrasting with the green of the background or of the diverse tonalities of the different types of sage. Isn’t a bed of marigold flowers especially decorative?

We are used to thinking that aromatic and medicinal plants only have practical uses in health or cooking and we often forget about their decorative properties.

Using them to their full extent is a good way to take advantage of their full potential.

Characteristics of spices

A spice is a plant part with aromatic or spicy properties.

The term was normally applied to those seeds, fruits, rhizomes, branches, bark, floral stigmas, leaves, buds or other parts of a plant that came from tropical places, although in reality, in a broader sense, they are also considered spices the so-called aromatic or culinary herbs.

Spices and herbs for men

Human beings have traded and cultivated spices since ancient times, mainly for two reasons:

  • The first, the need to have some ingredient that would give flavor too food, where appropriate, disguise the possible unpleasant odors that normally occur in foods when they are stored, especially those of animal origin.
  • On the other hand, spices have essences, which, in addition to their flavoring power, are capable of preserving them against the development of microorganisms.

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This article was endorsed by Julián Masats - Technical agricultural engineer specialized in horticulture and gardening.
Vicente Martínez Centelles
Written by Vicente Martínez Centelles Founder of the web and director. Teacher of natural sciences, expert in plants, natural remedies and botanical photography.

28 February, 2024

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