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Salt Benefits for Health: Functions of the salt in the human body

Salt is necessary for the human body. Among others, its main functions are:

– Maintaining fluid balance: The body must have a constant level of salt. There must be a balance between the salt that is lost when you urinate or sweat with which the organism ingests meals.

– Adjusting the rhythm of the heart muscle.

– Allowing the transmission of nerve impulses.

– Removing excess acidity in cells, especially the brain.

– To prevent the appearance of muscle cramps.

– To allow the absorption of the nutrients in the intestine.

– To maintain the acid / base balance in the body.

– To avoid osteoporosis.

– To regulate sleep.

– To maintain the libido.

– To avoid the excess of salivation.

– To maintain the balance of sugar.

Salt health benefits

Summary of the functions of salt in the body.

Health Risks of Eating Too Much Salt

The human body can not live without salt. However, when we ingest more salt than necessary, this element can cause diseases.

The solution lies in providing the required amounts. It is very difficult to present a deficit of salt in the body since this component is in most foods.

The most common dietary error is that we take much more salt than necessary. It is generally considered that the western population consumes 9 times the maximum recommended daily dose.

The main foods rich in salt are:

– Processed or industrial foods, that are generally prepared with too much salt

– Consumption of pickles, olives, chips, etc.

– Adding salt to dishes

What it is iodized salt?

Iodized salt is salt to which small quantities of iodine have been added.

The function of iodine is to cover the deficiencies of this mineral in certain populations. The use of iodized salt prevents the development of goiter, which is characterized by increased thyroid, which causes an exaggerated increase in the anterior neck.

Other uses of salt: Industrial uses

Salt has been considered very important since ancient times, before the invention of the preservatives and refrigeration, was the largest resource for storing food. Using salt cured meat or fish flavored. In the kitchen salt is used to flavor food. The salt neutralizes food acids and increases the sweetness of them.

In the Roman Empire legionaries were paid with salt. This payment was known as “salarium” and hence the current name derives from “Salary”. The salt was used in ancient cultures for religious ceremonies and offered as a tribute to the gods. The Gabel or Gabelle was a tax on salt that the French King Philip VI imposed on his citizens to recover from the economic deficit that had brought the Hundred Years War with France.

The chemical industry uses to manufacture many chemicals (baking soda, hypochlorhydric acid, enamel, etc)

It is also used to prevent roads from freezing.

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27 May, 2021

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