Natural remedies for the Inflammation of the breasts

Natural remedies for breast inflammation

Characteristics of breast inflammation

Inflammation of the breasts or breast swelling refers to any pain, sensitivity or strange feeling in the breast different from what is normal. It also receives the names of mastalgia or breast pain.

Symptoms of breast inflammation

The main symptoms of breast swelling are:

  • Sensitivity in the breasts
  • Weight
  • Pain
  • Etc

Causes of breast inflammation

The main causes that produce inflammation and pain in the breasts are:

  • Hormonal problems: The presence of too many estrogens during the premenstrual syndrome can cause a hypersensitization of the mammary glands that some times appear in the form of discomfort or pain.
  • Breastfeeding: The breast enlargement during breastfeeding may produce the same result.
  • Fibrocystic mastopathy: the presence of lumps or thickenings in the breast tissue is often responsible for these swellings.
  • Infections of the breasts (mastitis)
  • Blows or traumatisms
  • Lack of adequate brassiere, especially with large breasts.
  • Alcohol consumption.
  • Ingestion of certain medications.

Treatment of breast inflammation

Any bulk detected in the breasts requires an exploration of an specialist so that he or she can consider what is it due to. One should also visit the doctor if an unbearable pain in the breast takes place, some discharge from the nipple, fever, ample reddening, retention of milk with strong swelling, or other apparently inexplicable symptoms.

The natural treatment of the pain and inflammation of the breasts implies the use of a series of natural resources that help to diminish the pain and the inflammation.

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9 August, 2021

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