How many carbs in plantain?

How many calories do 100 g of plantain contain?

Plantain in the kitchen
Preparing a plantain to be cooked

Green bananas or plantains  have 122 kcal. per 100 gr. provided by their carbohydrates, most of them in the form of starch

Green banana or plantain is very rich in starches. Its starches provide satiety to meals.

Are green bananas not-suitable for weight loss?

Far from being considered a high-calorie food, green bananas are  fat-free and also provide all the benefits of their  starches which are or can be converted mostly into retrograde starches , so that, they can act as no-digestible fiber  (More on retrograde starches)

Due to its global properties, introducing it in vegetable dishes, in moderate quantities (it should be considered that it is rich in carbohydrates), will be suitable in diets for weight loss (boiled, in soups, purees, etc.)

How is it better to eat green bananas in case of obesity and diabetes?

Fried plantain
Fried plantain is a widespread snack, but it is the worst way to eat male plantain.

In these cases, a highly recommended way to eat them is boiled and cold, that is, once cooked, let it cool in the fridge (in a cold salad or vegetable salad), because in this way its starches are cooled and they form more resistant or retrograde starches, that is, starches that are not digestible and that have a fiber effect.

This is also the best way that people with diabetes can consume it, considering that it is a food with a moderate glycemic index (100 grams of banana provides 30 grams of carbohydrates, of which 15 are sugar).

By letting the green plantain cool once cooked, it is possible to reduce its glycemic index a little due to the transformation that its carbohydrates undergo in fiber ( See: how to make resistant starch)

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24 March, 2020

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