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March issue

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Medicinal plants


Based on its demulcent and emollient properties, marshmallow can be used to treat a number of conditions where the skin or mucous membranes are involved.

Natural food


Onion is a vegetable that should never be missed on the table, since, because of its components, it is considered, along with garlic, a real medicine-food.

Natural medicine


A proper diet for cancer may help treat unwanted effects that may occur with methods to treat cancer, such as chemotherapy effect.

Healthy diets


More that 80 vegetarian onion recipes.

Easy onion recipes with nutritional properties and photographs.

Plant cultivation


- Lettuce is propagated by seed from early spring to mid-summer when the weather is cold. In hot climates from autumn to late spring. There are also varieties that can be planted in summer, as Wonder Summer.

- Planting is done in the nursery at a depth twice the diameter of the seed, that is to say, superficially because the seeds are very small (about 1 cm deep,since the deeper you do it, the lower the germination capacity will be)

Contest: Flower of the month

Do you know which flower is it?

It is a type of flower produced by a very aromatic shrub. Lanceolate leaves. In the past, its branches were used to make crowns for lover.

Do you know?

Do really plants feel?

What are the plant senses?

Can plants move?

How do flowers adapt to the environment?

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