Do plants feel?

Plant senses

Can plants feel pain?

Plants do not have nervous systems in the same way than animals that can translate the signals and interpret sensations perceived in emotions or feelings. Nor can they, for example, form images in his mind to see as animals do.

But plants, like animals, are organisms that feel sensations such as smell, touch, taste and even sound.

Senses are extremely important in plants because they allow them to survive in the changing conditions of the environment in which they live. Plant senses help them to be communicated with their peers; something vital to their survival.

Utility of senses in plants

mimosa film

Film on sensitive mimosa (Mimosa pudica). It responds to touch closing its leaves

Plants, like animals, use their senses to perceive the environment and react appropriately.

Plants can feel the vibration of an insect and even a smaller living being as a l nematode worm. These living things also are also believed to perceive the music.

The way plants help them to coordinate among their peers in processes such as fruit ripening.

Vegetables also make use of their senses to regulate their operation processes such as photosynthesis.

And, what is more surprising, the senses of plants allow them to communicate with each other and fend off any danger, as the attack of herbivores or drought.

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7 September, 2022

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