Lemon balm contraindications

When you should not take Melissa officinalis preparations

When you can not take lemon balm?

Preparations with Melissa, unless prescribed by the doctor, should NOT be used during pregnancy and lactation.

It is considered that balm can produce birth defects (teratogenic) because of citral and citronellal.

Furthermore, due to uterotonic properties of oleanolic acid that melissa contains, preparations of this plant can produce stimulation of the uterus and cause abortions.

Toxic principles of balm are transmitted through the baby milk.

Are there other possible contraindications?


A drawing of the plant

In addition to pregnant women, infants and young children, melissa preparations must not be taken in the following cases:

  • People who have a psychiatric problem should not take lemon balm preparations without consulting their doctor first.
  • People who must perform work requiring much attention should not take lemon balm preparations during the day. For example, those who work with dangerous machinery or drive vehicles. Balm may produce drowsiness and could be the cause of some work or traffic accident.

In this case, preparations of this plant can be taken the afternoon and a while before bedtime.

  • People with thyroid disease should not use lemon balm preparations without consulting their doctor. Balm has an antithyroid action, so it could worsen hypothyroidism.
  • Patients with nerve problems, stress, depression, anxiety, etc if they are already taking sedative medications.

This affects only to chemical drugs, not to medicinal plants. Therefore, balm can be combined with other herbs with similar properties, such as valerian, chamomile and other items such as GABA

  • People giving up alcohol addiction should not drink alcoholic preparations of melissa

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21 November, 2023

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