Lice medicinal plants treatment for children

Herbal  remedies for lice in children

Head lice are particularly common in children. There are many head lice treatments for children that can eradicate these parasites. Some of them are considered safe by medical authorities. However, some parents prefer using more natural remedies.

On the other hand, there is an increasing tendency of lice becoming more resistant to anti lice treatments, so these may prove ineffective. In this case, doctors use to prescribe other oral medicines.

Natural homemade preparations to kill lice in children

The following formula can be very useful to be used instead of commercial lice killers. You should test it in a little skin zone to see some possible allergic skin reaction before using it more widely.

Natural lice killer for children


– 30 ml olive oil.

– 10 ml of lavender oil.

– Wine vinegar


– Mix the oils.


– Apply thoroughly the mixed oil on the hair.

– Rinse the hair with the wine vinegar. (This is useful to loosen nits)

– Comb your hair exhaustively with a lice comb to remove nits

– Wash the hair thoroughly with the usual shampoo.

Note: In order to avoid possible contagion, people living with you should follow the same treatment. The same should be applied to your classmates.

Another treatment could be necessary in 7 or 10 days in order to kill new lice that could have been born from remaining nits. One should take into account that nits can not be eradicated with anything but physical methods.

Natural lice treatment for adults

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17 December, 2020

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