Contraindications of woundwort

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What is woundwort and what treatments is it used for?

Woundwort  is a plant of the Papilionaceae family that has been used since ancient times mainly as a vulnerary remedy.

In external use, it is a remedy to stop bleeding, help heal and prevent wound infection. In internal use the dried flowers are used. In this case, it is considered to have diuretic, depurative, laxative and antitussive properties.

What contraindications does woundwort have?

There are few references on the toxicity of the plant. No toxic effects have been described at therapeutic doses.

  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding: there is not enough information to guarantee the safety of the treatment. Consult with your doctor before taking internally if you are pregnant.
  • Kidney diseases: due to its diuretic effect, the use of the plant is not recommended in case of nephritis or kidney failure. Check with your doctor before taking the plant.
  • Medication: Woundwort could interfere with some drugs. Check with your doctor before taking the plant.

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31 May, 2024

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