Natural treatment of acne

Medicinal treatment for acne

Characteristics of acne

Acne is a skin disease that causes skin disorders such as pimples, pustules or papules. Acne has its peak in adolescence, a period during which affects over 80% of individuals of both genders. In most cases it resolves spontaneously, being only an esthetic matter of concern which causes emotional problems among the youth population. In other cases, more serious inflammations occur that require medical intervention.

Symptoms of acne

The main symptoms of acne are: Black spots on the skin, elevated mounds in the skin with white exterior and hard to the touch, elevated mound of skin with reddish appearance, sebum, scars, pimples, pustules, papules, etc.

Causes of acne

Puberty: Because an increase in hormones during puberty, there is an greater fat secretion in order to protect and soften skin. The pores can be blocked by this fat resulting in various abnormalities in the skin: small bulky white point, as a result of fat obturation (papules). Other times they have a blackened appearance, resulting from the accumulation of dead cells with abundant melanin (pimples) Other times, reddish elevations of the skin, containing pus inside

(pustules). When the infection is deep, for a lot of fat accumulation, they can produce cysts.

Other moments with strong hormonal changes: Other periods of life in which hormone production is increased, such as menstruation or pregnancy

Genetic factors: There is a hereditary predisposition to suffer from this condition.

Dietary factors: It has not ultimately proved, as it is sometimes asserted, that eating greasy foods such as meat, chocolate or sweets may cause or worsen this condition. However, in some individuals, ingestion of certain foods may aggravate the disease.

Environmental causes: Aggression exerted by external contaminants to the skin, such as industrial products, detergents or soaps; highly oily cosmetic products applied on oily skins; certain medications,… etc. can sometimes be the cause of this disease.

Heat and clothing: The friction of the skin with clothing, especially during hot weather can produce some of these problems.

Diagnosis and treatment of acne

Such signs disappear with the passing years. Generally they do not require treatment unless they become infected. In this case, they can produce significant infections requiring antibiotic treatment.

Do no not remove pimples, papules or any acne disorders with your nails. This can aggravate injuries and can cause infections. A pimple should never be drawn manually. If you suspect some skin problems can be produced by a different reason of acne, we recommend you to visit to a dermatologist.

Proper cleaning of the skin with natural soaps, free from chemical irritants, may be the most appropriate way to prevent formation of blackheads.

Proper sunbathing promote recovery and make these skin manifestation not to appear so easily.

The natural acne treatment involves using a series of natural resources that help prevent or ameliorate the symptoms of acne.

More information about acne and its natural treatment.

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