Characteristics of dry mouth

What is dry mouth ?

Dry mouth or Xerostomia is an condition characterized by lack of saliva in the mouth.

Consequences of having a dry mouth

Besides being a very unpleasant condition from a medical standpoint, is very damaging because it causes difficulty in swallowing food, little desire to eat due to lack of taste and can damage the dental health.

The lack of saliva can cause oral fermentations easier since there is no liquid in the mouth enough to clean the impurities resulting in a rise in bacteria that can damage teeth and cause bad breath.

Similarly, xerostomia may be responsible for the appearance of disease in the gums. People with dry mouth should make frequent visits to the dentist.

Saliva is also very important for digestion. A lack of saliva may be responsible for bad digestion.

Symptoms of dry mouth

Dry mouth, lack of saliva in the mouth.

Causes of dry mouth

The main causes of the dry mouth are:

  • Infections of the glands that produce saliva
  • Injuries of the salivary glands, often produced by processing in the mouth or radiotherapy in cancer of the mouth or neck.
  • Obstruction of channels by the formation of salivary stones, tumors
  • Consequence of certain diseases: Anemia, reumathoid arthritis, diabetes, Sjögren syndrome, etc.
  • Stress
  • Dehydration:
  • Lost of the capacity to produce saliva by increasing age.
  • Reaction to certain drugs or medicines

Diagnosis and treatment of dry mouth

Given the continued emergence of this disorder is essential to visit the doctor or dentist to diagnose the causes of the problem and apply appropriate treatment to prevent worsening of the disorder.

The diagnosis of xerostomia is made by physical examination, x-rays or biopsies.

The natural treatment of dry mouth involves the use of some resources to help solve the disorder.

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