Characteristics of headache

What is cephalea or headache?

Headache or cephalea is a negative sensation that we experience in the head as a result of tension or inflammation of the muscles or blood vessels of the head and neck.

This tension or inflammation affects the nerves that surround these muscles or blood vessels. The nerves transmit these sensations to the brain that are interpreted as pain.

When we feel a headache, does the brain hurt?

In the headache it seems that it is the brain that hurts, but, in reality, it is not the brain but the blood vessels, the muscles or the nerves of the head.

The tensions or inflammations that produce the headache are a symptom of malfunction of a certain organ or an emotional problem.

Migraines, a special headache


Headache can be very intense sometimes. When this pain responds to a blow or trauma, we must go to the doctor. (Drawing courtesy of ©

People accustomed to drinking coffee regularly may feel a headache when they have not taken it for a few hours. This is caused by the caffeine withdrawal syndrome.

Within headaches we would have a more characteristic variety called migraine, which are headaches that appear very frequently and of such a strong intensity that they can end up paralyzing normal life.

They are very acute headaches located, in most cases, in a part of the head from the height of the temple to the top.

Migraines affect women more than men. In addition to headache, migraines are often accompanied by vomiting, dizziness, tremor and even blurred vision of reality.

Differences between headache and migraine

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Some professions or situations generate an anxiety or stress so important that it can manifest itself in the form of a headache.

Headache: It is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Heaviness in the head
  • Pain,

Migraine: It is characterized by:

  • Pain in the side of the head with palpitations in it
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Extreme sensitivity to light
  • Perception of a bright aurea

Why does the headache occur?


Some diseases, like the flu, cause headaches.

The main causes of headache are multiple:

* Headache caused by physical causes: Many are the physical anomalies that can cause headache. Among the most important we can mention the following:

* Headache produced by emotional causes:

  • Stress
  • Work overload
  • Family problems, etc.

In most cases, headaches are caused by these causes given that 90% of headaches are the result of muscular tensions caused by problems at work, problems when paying debts, family problems, etc. .

* Food problems:

  • Bad nutrition
  • Constipation
  • Ingestion of drugs
  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Symptom of abstinence from caffeine (When you do not drink coffee and you are used to it)

* Environmental problems:

  • Seasonal changes
  • Weather
  • Environmental noise
  • Watch television or computer screen for too long, etc.

Should you go to the doctor if you have a headache?

Normally you do not need to go to the doctor. However, the doctor should be consulted in the following cases:

  • When the headache responds to a blow or accident.
  • When the headache does not go away, even if you take painkillers without a prescription.
  • When the headache is different from what you normally feel
  • When the headache is much stronger than it usually feels
  • When the headache occurs more than twice a week
  • In case of migraine
  • When the headache is accompanied by fever
  • When the headache is accompanied by dizziness
  • When the headache is accompanied by weakness and problems to stand up.
  • When, in addition to a headache, we have a rash on the skin
  • When the headache is accompanied by neck pain and stiff neck
  • When, in addition to headache, we notice vision problems in the form of blurred points or vision
  • When the headache is accompanied by a tingling sensation in the arms or legs

Diagnosis of headache

The diagnosis of headache corresponds to the doctor or neurologist. The doctor or specialist makes a diagnosis from a personal interview in which the person affected by a headache should explain aspects of their personal life such as work habits, sleep, what kind of diet is followed, what medications are taken, when it produces pain, what kind of pain it feels, etc.

Sometimes the use of medical tests is required to accurately diagnose what is due to the pain as TACs or magnetic resonance.

Treatment of headache

Most headaches have a tensional origin, so that they disappear when the person suffering them gets rid of tension.

To do this, if you experience a headache, you should look for a quiet place and try to rest in bed with your eyes closed, trying to relax.

The pharmacological treatment of headache is based on the use of analgesics. (paracetamol, ibuprofen, aspirin, etc.)

The natural treatment of headache involves the use of a series of natural resources that can help prevent or remedy this pain.

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2 September, 2020

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