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How to avoid or improve osteoarthritis or arthritis? Tips to prevent joint damage

Osteoarthritis is a chronic disease whose only permanent solution, in some cases, is in surgery.

However, taking into account a number of tips, the person with arthritis or osteoarthritis can improve his/her living conditions, reduce pain and withstand these diseases better.

Physical exercise with osteoarthritis or arthritis

Among the most important advice or remedies we have this one: “Practicing the right physical exercise is a good way to help joints”

Physical inactivity is very harmful for arthritic diseases. Proper exercise, better if conducted by a physiotherapist, should take into account the following tips:

Avoid strenuous exercise that can overload your joints: Those exercises that involve excessive strain on joints are not suitable for people over 50 years because they can damage them. This advice applies particularly to those suffering from arthritis or osteoarthritis. (Skipping, jogging, running at high speed, playing soccer, etc..)

Moderate exercise is most appropriate. Each patient must be aware of his/her limits and make some walking, stretching or rotations without feeling joint pain.

– It is important to start your exercises slowly and increase difficulty gradually. In any exercise the initial heating is essential. You must stop if you feel pain.

Wearing proper shoes is another very important aspect to take into account when exercising. It is convenient to use the right shoes to avoid heel or feet hitting too hard on the floor. There are good market sneakers padded enough to cushion the blows of the foot on the ground so that the joints do not receive such a strong impact. Shoes of this style are appropriate when walking or performing movement games

– Certain practices  are particularly interesting for these patients as they improve muscle tone and reeducate joint movement. It is extremely important for this activity to be done by a specialist who knows which movements are appropriate for patients and how to perform them. A good handbook can help, always bearing in mind that the patient should not force or get exhausted.

Performing weight-bearing exercise helps to energize the muscles and reduce joint stress. Such exercises should be programmed by a specialist.

– Games such as bowling, petanque or golf or moderate activities such as cycling or swimming are well suited to maintain a good overall tone. Performing a bit of one of them daily helps the treatment of arthritis or osteoarthritis.

Water exercises are another very helpful practices for arthritic people. This type of exercise has succeeded in improving muscle strength, making joints more flexible and reducing pain. Staying about 60 minutes in a flotation tank improves the condition of these patients.

Weight and osteoarthritis or arthritis

The first and main advice we have to take into account is to lose weight. Thinning is the best way to release excessive pressure to the joints, especially to those that endure the excess of body weight (knees, feet, ankles, hips and spine).

Starting a diet to lose weight is the first thing that people who suffer from joint problems should have to to.

By moving heavy objects from one place to another you force your joints. Tools can help you carry weights from one place to another without having to hang heavy objets on your arms .

You can use a wheeled cart. If you are bound to wear some heavy objects on your arms, it is better for you to distribute them in both arms.

Correct postures for osteoarthritis or arthritis

When working, a correct posture should be adopted. For example, to prevent cervical problems, you should sit up straight, no matter if you are in front of a television, working with a computer or reading.

You should avoid bending your back, sitting sideways or habitually crisscrossing your legs. You should let your feet rest comfortably on the floor or on a footrest.

To protect your spine, when raising some weight, you should not bend your back and lift the weight, but you should bend your knees and lift it with the help of your leg muscles.

Objects commonly used, as cooking utensils, should be left in an easy to reach place to avoid straining the joints every time we have to use them.

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6 April, 2020

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