Laurel toxicity

(Laurus nobilis)


Is laurel toxic?

No, laurel is not a toxic tree. It is considered a safe plant for health. It is safe when consumed in medicinal doses and as food in the right amount.

However, its essential oil is considered phototoxic and digestive stimulant.

Laurel leaf
Bay leaf

What are the components of Laurel?

- Sweet bay contains in its essential oil: cineole, pinene, linalool, terpineol acetate, sabinene, limonene, methyl eugenol and camphene.

- Sweet bay fruits have more essential oil than leaves: 3% essential oil in fruits and 1% in leaves.

- Laurel leaves also contain sesquiterpene lactones (costunolide and laurenobiolide) and tannins.

Precautions before taking laurel

- Do not take laurel essential oil if you are pregnant or lactating. Also do not take remedies with bay leaves in a state of pregnancy because there are not enough studies. Check with your doctor before taking laurel.

- Children under 12 should not take medicines with essential oil of laurel.

- Do not take laurel if you are allergic to plants of the Lauraceae or Compositae families.

- Before taking laurel read the "Contraindications of laurel" in the listing above.

More information on laurel in the listing above.

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