How to make natural yeast at home?


- 2 cups of water, better if it is rain water.

- 1 spoonful of olive oil

- ½ spoonful of marine salt.

- Wheat flour (no more than 90 days old). If it is older, it may become rancid.


- Put water, oil and salt in a large glass bowl. Add flour gradually and go stir until it forms a compact paste.

- Let stand in a warm place about 24 º C constant temperature.

- After two days, if it's summer, or seven days in winter, you get the yeast.


In order to have yeast always available, it must be renewed every two days in summer and seven in winter. This anger was adding water and flour and knead again until will complete the process prior preparation. As this process goes by renewal yeast is reaching higher quality. Every day it should be wet to cool it.


It shoud be used for preparing homemade bread.

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