Datura arborea toxicity

What is Datura arborea?

Characteristics of Datura arborea

Scientific noun: Datura arborea L. = Brugmansia arborea

Common noun: Angel’s trumpet, Peruvian trumpet

Family: Potato family – Solanaceae

Habitat: Tropical regions of South America and Central America.

Alkaloids: scopolamine(C17H21NO4)

Active parts: The whole plant.

Description of Datura arborea

Angel’s trumpet is a shrubby species of Peru, although it is cultivated in many other areas, specially inside greenhouses. In warm places it is used as a garden plant. In this case it is better to grow as a small tree with a single trunk and may reach about 5 meters high.

Most notable of this plant are the big hanging flowers. These are between 15 and 20 cm long. They are pure white and very fragrant.

Datura arborea
Flower of Datura arborea

Datura arborea cultivation

It needs to be protected and grown in hot climate areas, preferring partial shade not to be affected by the direct sun. Cold weather can hurt it a lot, being able to kill the plant. It can not stand frost.

If you want to grow it in cold areas, this should be done in a container so that it can be kept in the greenhouse during winter. By the month of May, you can take it back outdoors. Don’ t forget to place very thick bricks or gravel at the bottom of the container to allow a good drainage, because it is a plant that must be watered frequently during growing season.

If grown in containers, it is best to apply a sandy soil mixed with well done manure and garden leaves in the bottom of the container

When grown directly in the ground outdoors, it needs a well-fertilized, well-drained moist soil. Abundant irrigation is necessary to maintain soil moisture. When it loses the leaves, the soil should remain dry.

Reproduction is mainly attained by cuttings. Before planting them, they should be placed in water so as them can develop roots.


Medicinal uses of angel’s trumpet

Datura arborea flowers and leaves
Photo of flowers and leaves of Peruvian trumpet (Datura arborea)

Traditional remedies with Datura arborea: Traditionally it was used in Chile to ooze the furuncles and as a substitute for Datura stramonium. Treatment of asthma by means of cigarettes of its leaves and, in external use, for rheumatic pain.

Magical or ritual use of Trumpeter: In hypnotic rituals ceremonies. Many shamans in Peru still use this plant as a way to communicate with spirits.

Given the toxicity of this plant it is not recommended to be used in homemade preparations!!!

Toxicity of Datura arborea

The toxicity of angel’s trumpet is very high since it can cause death when taken in high doses. Most accidents occur when ingesting plant preparations at home for psychedelic effects.

What are the symptoms of poisoning by Datura arborea?

The main symptoms resulting from consumption of angel’s trumpet are:

At lower doses:

  • Hypnosis
  • Sleepiness
  • Dilated pupils
  • Difficulty breathing

In high doses:

  • Lack of consciousness and death.

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27 November, 2020

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