Holly tree cultivation

How to grow holly tree (Ilex aquifolium)



Dioecious tree of the Holly family – Aquifoliaceae, usually 10 m tall (It can attain 25 m). Erect stems with smooth bark, light grey, and bright green branches. Alternate wavy leaves, elliptical or ovate, bright green, coriaceous with strong spines (Specially those near the ground; superior ones sometimes spineless)

Flowers in different trees, the female ones with four petals, white-greenish. Fruits till 12 mm in diameter. They are red berries when mature. Beech and oak forests and hedges of humid climates. It blooms from May -June.


Water 2 times a month.

gardening pot

For walls and hedges. As a cut plant because of its fruits for Christmas decoration. Medicinal plant (More information)


In the sun in cold climates or in the shade in warm ones.


Propagate from cuttings or seeds in Spring or Autumn. Do not transplant.


Deep soils, rich in humus with a good drainage.

Holly is toxic (More information)

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6 December, 2020

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