Bordeaux mixture characteristics and uses

Properties, uses and recipe of Bordeaux mixture

What is Bordeaux mixture?

Bordeaux mixture or Bordo mix consists of a mixture of copper sulphate, lime and water. It is used to combat fungal diseases of plants. It owes its name to the French Bouillie Bordelaise, who invented it thinking about the treatment of diseases of the vineyard.

Although it is not as harmful to the environment as other chemical fungicides, it can not be considered as a totally ecological product, because when it is washed away by rain, it contaminates water and soil.

Uses of Bordeaux mixture

Bordeaux mixture was invented thinking about the treatment of diseases of the vineyard

It is mainly used to control fungi, especially mildew and anthracnose, in crops as widespread as the vineyard, tomato, avocado, mango, etc.

Likewise, it is used in gardens and especially in greenhouses where, due to the increase of humidity and heat, fungal diseases are more common.

Where to get Bordeaux mixture?

There are many commercial brands that contain this product, however, it can be manufactured at home.

basil planted next to a cabbage

Another more ecological system of pest control is to plant insecticide plants next to the garden (chrysanthemums, garlic, basil, …)

Recipe to make Bordo mix at home

To make it  at home we must mix lime and copper sulphate in water, in a plastic container. We must maintain the proportion for each liter of water:

Ingredients of Bordeaux mixture

  • 100 g of copper sulfate
  • 70 g of quicklime

Instructions to make Bordeaux mixture at homemade

Follow the following instructions:

  • Dissolve each of the ingredients separately, in a plastic container and stir well. (Do not use metal containers)
    First empty the container containing the lime dissolved in water in the general container. (You should never pour the copper first and then the lime.This change in the mixing order produces toxic gases)
  • Add the content of the other container where we have dissolved the copper.
  • With a wooden instrument, stir and mix all ingredients well (Never use metals)
  • Check the degree of acidity by introducing an iron object into the mixture. Oxidation of iron indicates excess acidity which implies that we must add more lime, until the iron is not oxidized.

How is the Bordeaux mixture applied?

It is applied in the form of aspersion, both in trees, as in herbaceous plants, to prevent the appearance of this type of diseases, or to stop its expansion.

The application should be made shortly after having made the preparation, at most one day after being prepared.

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26 February, 2022

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