Control of plant pests without pesticides


How to control plant pests without any type of pesticides

Physical means to control plant plagues

We can use  physical means that are not aggressive to the environment, with which organisms that can be harmful to plants are frightened or trapped. For example:

Protection for rabbits bites on olive tree trunks
Protection for rabbits bites on olive tree trunks
  • Pressurized water: Using a hose with pressurized water may be adequate to eliminate aphids from plants if this method is applied several times.
  • Spray with water: Spraying with water is a very effective treatment to make the mites disappear. It is important to spray several times a day, as long as the plant is in the shade. (In case of spraying in the sun the droplets of water can act as a magnifying glass and burn the plants)
    Following this method the mites usually disappear in a week.
    Spraying with water achieves a greater effect when it is carried out with water in which a little soap has been mixed.
  • Remove pests manually: This can be done in case of woodlice, snails or slugs. Just water and wait for the sun to go away.
  • Protect the grapes with paper bags: To prevent the wasps or bees from eating the grapes from the vine can be protected by paper bags.
  • Protect the trunks of the trees against the bites of the rabbits: There are many ways to protect the trunks of trees against the bites of rodents, such as rats or rabbits. For example, surround them with a plastic bag, with a plastic tube, with a mesh, etc.

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6 June, 2019

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