Cashews contraindications and toxicity


Who are cashews not suitable for?

Cashews contraindications

Cashews are contraindicated in several situations:

Those who are allergic to nuts should not take any kind of nuts or any food that may cause an allergic reaction.

People who are intolerant to nuts: if cashews disagree with them, their consumption is counterproductive.

We must differentiate between a food allergy and a food intolerance because its symptoms vary widely. In case of developing an allergy to nuts, this will never appear the first time we consume that food and symptoms take place immediately after ingestion (0-1.5 h). They can manifest as rashes, swelling, hives or eczema, itching, breathing problems, anaphylaxis, death, etc.

However, in case of intolerance, symptoms may appear after the first intake of food. They usually appear later (hours-days) and be milder, such as diarrhea, vomiting, headache or migraine, etc..

Those who are allergic to mangoes. Cashews can generate cross-reactivity being of the same family than mangoes. As indicated by its scientific name, mangoes are known as Mangifera indica L. They belong to the Anacardiaceae family like cashews and pistachios. Therefore we should not consume any variety of the same family that causes allergy to avoid allergic reactions.

Cashews contain a toxic resin

The resin inside the shell of the cashew is a phenolic resin. Phenol is a secondary metabolite of cashew plant, which is widely used in the chemical industry to develop multiple synthetic fibers such as nylon, that, subsequently, are used to fabricate insulation materials, plastic balls, multiple varnishes, etc.

Cashews can not only be used for these applications, but they are also used to produce a number of chemicals, ranging from paints, insecticides, bactericides, fungicides, disinfectants, to some drugs (antiseptic effect), such as aspirin, among many other.

Are cashews suitable for babies?

Children under 3 should not eat cashews, as the introduction of new foods can trigger allergies.

In addition, before three years of age, children do not chew properly and can choke themselves.

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28 November, 2020

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