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How to cook cashew nuts

Photo of cashew cashews. They can be ground to add to preparations, sauces, rice, etc.

Cashews are oleaginous seeds, rich in oils, crisp texture, smooth and creamy. They combine with all kinds of preparations, both sweet and salty.

In the recipes, cashew nuts can be used in different ways and in different presentations, in a range of different elaborations.

You can find raw, salted, toasted, fried cashews with sugar, honey or salt.

Different cashew recipes in the world

Cashew nuts are prepared in some areas of Colombia. In Panama, soft drinks are made with the juice of the fruit (apple of cashew), to which they are added the seeds toasted and chopped.

In Southeast Asia, mainly in Thai cuisine, they use crushed cashews to add them to the curry sauce, meat dishes, fish, or rice.

It is also a common ingredient in African cuisine, especially as ingredients of sauces.

The way it is most often consumed, is as an appetizer or snack, but also used to batter, as an ingredient for salads or desserts, even in the preparation of some sauces.

Although it could be used in confectionery, it is not the dry fruit used par excellence, such as walnuts or almonds



Cashews. They can be ground to add to preparations, sauces, rice, etc.

Ingredients of cashew with vegetables

– 100g of raw cashews.

– 200g basmati or wild rice.

– 100ml of milk or coconut cream

– 1 bunch green asparagus.

– 1 onion.

– 1 zucchini.

– 1 pepper.

– ½ broccoli.

– Curry Powder.






– Put a pot of water to boil, to boil rice.

– Wash and chop vegetables, namely onions, zucchini, peppers, broccoli, green asparagus and cilantro if fresh.

– Saute with a little oil all the vegetables in the order described above and finally add cashews.

– When all the vegetables are almost fully cooked, pour the coconut cream.

– Add the curry powder to taste.

– Add salt and pepper.

– When the rice is cooked, remove from heat and strain. Passing in cold water to prevent sticking.

– Mix the rice with vegetables in sauce.

– Dish and serve.

Use of cashew with vegetables

It is consumed as a starter.

Cashews cooked in the oven

Cashews cooked in the oven

More cashew recipes

Zucchini slices with carrots and cashews.

Canapes of cheese with honey and cashews.

Cashew Sauce.

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28 November, 2020

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