Pepper cultivation

How to grow pepper (Capsicum annuum)



Beginning of summer. White flowers with short petioles, entire, petiolated. Big fruit in capsule, green becoming red when maturing. Native from america.


Water it abundantly but not constantly. Water through furrows. We should not wet the fruits so that they don’t rot.

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Orchard plant. Most of them are cultivated by its fruits – the peppers – that present many varieties; Sweet ones can be eaten as a vegetable. other are very hot peppers, paprikas or ornamental.


Sun, they need warm climates. In cold climates they should be cultivated in greenhouses.


Seeds can be sowed directly on the land if the climate is warm. In colder places they should be obtained through seedbed and to be transplanted when hotter.


Preferably loose, deep and rich soil.

Other species of “Capsicum

Capsicum baccatum —————–……………

Capsicum frutescens ——————- Tabasco pepper, chilli pepper

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18 February, 2021

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