Cultivation of Southern magnolia or Bull bay


Characteristics of the plant, Magnolia grandiflora




June-July, very big flowers till 20 cm, very aromatic and sensitive to frost.


Water it regularly. The soil should never dry off completely. Watering will be specially rich until the plant has reached its maturity.

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For gardens, parks. and avenues, as isolated tree or in groups, especially for its attractive flowers and for its big leaves. Because of its peculiar hanging structure, it covers the floor, not allowing the growth of any other species under it.


Demi-shade, it requires a warm temperature in summer, but it doesn’t like direct strong sun. It needs protection from wind and it doesn’t accept salinity.


By means of cuttings at the end of summer and seeds in autumn. The quickest method is to use seeds that should be stratified before the plantation. Given the fragility of their radical system, it is better not to transplant it.


Rich, deep, acid soil with no lime. It grows slowly, but it can reach 25 m.

Other species of “Magnolia

Magnolia acuminata ——————— Cucumber tree.

Magnolia campbellii ——————— …………….

Magnolia cylindrica ——————— …………….

Magnolia denudata —————— Yulan magnolia

Magnolia globosa ——————…………….

Magnolia hypoleuca ——————–…………….

Magnolia kobus ————————- Kobus magnolia

Magnolia liliiflora ———————Lily magnolia

Magnolia macrophylla —————-Bigleafmagnolia

Magnolia officinalis ——————–…………….

Magnolia sacilifolia ———————-Willow-leafed magnolia

Magnolia stellata ———————Star magnolia

Magnolia x veitchii ——————- Veitch magnolia

Magnolia wilsonii ——————— Wilson’s magnolia

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14 December, 2021

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