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Medicinal uses of magnolia

Magnolia tree in bloom

Magnolia has long been used as a medicinal plant in China. Its uses in this country are very wide. From it, remedies have been developed for problems that affect the digestive system, for stress or anxiety, as well as respiratory ailments, such as bronchitis or asthma.

In the West, the bark of the magnolia tree is used for medicinal purposes, although uses are less than in China, being limited to the treatment of fever and as a tonic.

For the treatment of these diseases, the dried bark obtained from the tender branches is used, which must be collected in autumn and dried in the sun.

Before using it, it must be crushed very finely, so it can be used in a mortar or in a coffee grinder.

How to treat fever with magnolia?

Once turned into powder, take half a teaspoon a quarter of an hour before eating and another half a teaspoon before dinner. To take it, it can be mixed with a little honey, added to jam, on top of toast, etc.

How to use magnolia bark with tonic effects?

An infusion of dried and crushed bark can be made half a teaspoon per cup of water. Let it rest for about thirty minutes and take a couple of glasses a day.

Other remedies with magnolia: In Mexico it is used for the following purposes:

The mixed infusion of flowers, bark and magnolia seeds for heart problems, especially in case of arrhythmia (Infuse a tablespoon of magnolia in a liter of water. Take a couple of glasses a day)

The decoction of the leaves for diarrhea and stomach pain (Pour a liter of water on 10 grams of leaves. Drink a couple of glasses with this preparation when it is warm a day)

Magnolia essential oil is widely used, mainly for its relaxing properties.

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14 December, 2021

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